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Getting hit by a car is a traumatic experience that can result in serious, catastrophic or even fatal injuries. That’s why victims are entitled to receive extensive compensation benefits, so they can rebuild their lives alongside their families. Our San Antonio pedestrian accident lawyers will work hard to get you fair compensation from insurance companies and, if necessary, take the case to trial and win at court.

A pedestrian is at a complete disadvantage against a vehicle. During a collision between a person and a machine, the victim will suffer potentially serious injuries that can radically change the course of their life. In addition to the pain of their injuries, victims of car-pedestrian accidents often experience a great deal of distress and have lots of concerns, such as:

  • How am I going to pay for all the medical and rehabilitation expenses related to my injury?
  • My injuries have taken away my ability to work. Who will reimburse me for all my lost wages?
  • My family is financially dependent on me. Who is going to protect them if my injury prevents me from returning to work?
  • How much will it cost me to hire a San Antonio pedestrian lawyer from George Salinas Accident Lawyers?
  • Can I get compensation even if my immigration status is unclear?

At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we offer you a free consultation to discuss all these concerns, analyze your case and outline different legal options for making a claim. To start, you should know that:

1. Pedestrian accident compensation covers any expenses incurred (now and in the future) relating to:

  • Medications
  • Hospitalization
  • Intensive therapy
  • Studies
  • X-rays
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Transfers
  • Rehabilitation equipment

2. If the victim of a car-pedestrian accident is unable to work due to their injuries, compensation includes all wages that they have lost now and in the future.

3. If the victim’s injuries are so serious in nature that they will never be able to work again, or must work in an area outside their specialty, compensation covers a lifetime pension. In the event that the victim died, economically dependent family members are entitled to receive this pension.

4. To hire a pedestrian injury lawyer from George Salinas, you don’t have to pay us out of pocket at any time. We work under a payment method designed to protect victims known as contingency fees. We’ll handle your case using our resources and only receive a small percentage of the final compensation you get (as previously agreed in our contract).

5. Anyone who suffers injuries due to someone else’s negligence is entitled to compensation in Texas. State law protects victims of accidents regardless of their immigration status. At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we’ll work to get you justice while ensuring the privacy of your personal information.

Were you or a loved one hit by a car? At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we have extensive experience winning cases like yours. Our work is defined by legal excellence and tailored services provided by warm, friendly and Spanish-speaking professionals.

Call us at 210-225-0909 or fill out this form to schedule your free consultation. Our San Antonio pedestrian injury lawyers will fight to get you compensation, so you can rebuild your life alongside your family.

How can our San Antonio car-pedestrian injury lawyers help you?

Many people who are hit don’t seek the help of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney at first. That’s because they may be wondering:

  • Why can’t I sue on my own and save the costs that a legal team would charge me?
  • Why should I hire a lawyer if I have life insurance that covers personal injuries?

Unfortunately, forgoing a pedestrian accident lawyer often means that victims end up unprotected and miss the opportunity to get compensation. There are two main reasons why this happens:

  • Victims who have been hit by a car are seeking justice and peace of mind to recover. They don’t have the time or energy to pursue a lawsuit that requires legal knowledge and expertise that they probably don’t have in order to win.
  • Insurance companies defend the interests of their investors, not victims. Their job is to seek to pay as little as possible. To achieve this, they often use abusive strategies, such as making a victim sign documents when they’re injured or in shock to dismiss their claim.

To defend the rights of victims and fight powerful insurance companies for fair compensation, our car-pedestrian accident lawyers at George Salinas Injury Lawyers take the following actions:

1. We visit the scene of the accident with a group of experts who know how to collect evidence and reconstruct the circumstances of the accident to get  accurate information. This is then used to establish the most accurate timeline possible of how the events occurred.

2. Our expert investigators identify, find and speak to eyewitnesses of the accident to document their testimonies. In pedestrian accident cases, these can be essential in determining a driver’s fault in a compelling way.

3. Many streets and highways are equipped with video surveillance systems, especially at accident-prone locations such as intersections, crossings or bridges. Thus, it’s possible that your car-pedestrian accident was recorded by one of these cameras. We’re dedicated to identifying that recording and managing the necessary procedures to get it and present it as evidence.

It’s also possible that the accident was recorded by security cameras located on public and private buildings, or on cell phones of those who witnessed the accident. We also manage getting these materials.

4. If there are no eyewitnesses or recordings, our team includes technology experts who can prove the negligence of the at-fault vehicle through sophisticated tracking techniques. For example, using specialized devices, it’s possible to track past activity on drivers’ cell phones to verify that they were answering or listening to a text, or posting on social media at the time of the accident.

5. Based on all the evidence obtained, we build a strong case to file a claim that allows a pedestrian accident victim to be compensated. This claim can unfold in two different ways:

  • Usually, a settlement is negotiated during several rounds with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Ideally, this is resolved in a matter of a few weeks with a favorable settlement for the victim.
  • In the event that a favorable settlement isn’t reached, the case must go to court and be resolved during a trial. This can take several weeks or even months. However, victims may be able to get partial compensation while the trial is being resolved through an agreed-upon benefit scheme.

6. We calculate the exact amount of fair compensation for the victim by incorporating relevant benefits from three categories:

  • Financial expenses (any payments related to physical injuries)
  • Pain and suffering (compensation for emotional and psychological damages, such as depression, distress, post-traumatic stress disorder, or inability to spend quality time with loved ones)
  • Punitive damages (only applies in cases of malice, i.e., when it’s proven that the driver intentionally sought to harm the pedestrian)

7. Different compensation proposals are likely to arise during negotiations with the insurance company. We’ll always be available to advise you and discuss various legal options with you and your family. Rest assured that our pedestrian accident lawyers will consult with you at every step to jointly make the best decisions.

Winning a San Antonio pedestrian accident claim or lawsuit requires excellent legal work, specialized knowledge of Texas personal injury law and extraordinary negotiation skills. That’s why choosing a firm with no experience in pedestrian accident cases often means you miss the opportunity to get compensation.

With a proven track record in winning these types of cases, George Salinas Injury Lawyers are San Antonio’s most recommended attorneys. We’re available to help you rebuild your life alongside your family.

Statistics about pedestrian accidents in the U.S.

Pedestrians in the U.S. may face great risks. According to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • 7,000 people died in pedestrian accidents in 2020 (representing one death every 75 minutes).
  • 1 out of every 6 traffic fatalities involve pedestrians.
  • Approximately 104,000 pedestrians are hospitalized annually as a result of accidents.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Due to the troubling number of pedestrians struck by vehicles, the Texas Department of Transportation has conducted several campaigns to prevent pedestrian accidents. As part of these efforts, they underwent a study identifying the reasons behind pedestrian accidents in order to prevent them.

Here are the most frequent causes of car-pedestrian accidents:

1. Speeding

Many traffic accidents are caused by speeding on the part of the at-fault driver. In a densely populated city like San Antonio, it’s not uncommon for drivers to be late for work or other commitments. This makes it tempting to pass other vehicles, which almost always involves exceeding the speed limit.

Typically, commercial and tourist vehicles have built-in sensors that prevent them from going over a certain speed. However, private vehicles don’t have these sensors and drivers in a rush often don’t realize they’re driving too fast.

2. Distracted driving

It’s not uncommon for drivers to get bored at the wheel, especially if they’re in a busy city like San Antonio. To combat boredom, the vast majority of drivers check their cell phones while driving. Even if they check or respond to a text for a few seconds, it’s enough to cause an accident.

Sometimes distraction has nothing to do with boredom, but with the need to look at GPS directions for the fastest route to the destination. In these cases, the driver should wait until the vehicle is stopped to check.

3. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

As a central nervous system depressant, alcohol slows reflexes and hinders the ability to react. That’s why it’s so dangerous for a person to take the wheel while intoxicated. In the case of commercial vehicles, companies are obliged to constantly test their drivers for alcohol consumption.

4. Reckless driving

Reckless driving involves any behaviors that may endanger other vehicles or pedestrians. Examples of reckless behavior include:

  • Passing in prohibited lanes
  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front
  • Driving in the wrong direction
  • Making improper turns
  • Turning or changing lanes without signaling beforehand

5. Extreme weather

Driving in extreme weather conditions implies taking preventive measures. Respecting speed limits isn’t enough. Drivers should drive much more cautiously than they do under normal circumstances. And if the weather becomes more extreme, they may even choose to stop until it’s safer to continue driving. Some of the most common weather events include:

  • Heavy rain
  • Strong winds
  • Snow

The danger of driving in extreme weather is that roads can become covered in ice, mud, sand or water, causing the tires to skid and the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

6. Poorly maintained roads

Sometimes a car-pedestrian accident isn’t the fault of either the driver or the pedestrian. For example, if a road is in poor condition, a sinkhole may cause a vehicle to lose control or overturn and hit a person on foot. In these cases, the fault may lie with the agency directly responsible for the maintenance of the road, which is usually a local government.

7. Mechanical failure

Other times, a collision isn’t due to the driver’s conduct, but to a mechanical failure. In this case, the liability may fall on the company responsible for the manufacturing of the vehicle (for a manufacturing or design failure) or on the entity in charge of proper maintenance. (In the case of commercial vehicles, this would be the company; in the case of private vehicles, this would be the car owner.)

8. Fatigued driving

When a person has to drive for long distances, especially truck drivers, it’s necessary for them to rest from time to time. (In fact, companies that transport products are required by law to provide breaks for their drivers).

The danger of fatigued driving isn’t just falling asleep at the wheel. Called “trucker’s fatigue,” tired drivers have drastically reduced reflexes due to exhaustion according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (In fact, several studies indicate that driving with “trucker’s fatigue” is equivalent to having 0.08 degrees of alcohol in the blood, which is twice the permitted level.)

However, pedestrian accidents aren’t always the fault of drivers, pedestrians or road maintenance agencies. Sometimes the accident may have been caused by a circumstance unrelated to those involved. For example, it’s common in Texas for animals to cross the road, especially near areas with lots of wildlife.

No matter the cause, you’re entitled to compensation if you were involved in a car-pedestrian accident that wasn’t your fault. Our pedestrian accident attorneys from George Salinas Injury Lawyers can investigate the circumstances and determine your various legal options for filing a claim.

What are the responsibilities of drivers who hit a pedestrian in San Antonio?

When drivers cause a road accident, they have several key responsibilities. In the specific case of pedestrian accidents, drivers must do the following:

  • Stop the vehicle immediately.
  • Call for an ambulance and provide any medical services available.
  • Notify the police.
  • Give your contact information (name, address and telephone number).
  • Show your valid driver’s license.
  • Present your vehicle registration number.

If an at-fault driver violates these rules and flees the scene of the accident, they could be committing a felony.

What should you do if the vehicle that hit you flees the scene?

In the event that the driver who hit you flees the scene, you should never attempt to chase them. Instead, you should:

  • Stay where you are.
  • Notify the police.
  • If possible, write down or memorize the car’s license plate number, its appearance (model, color, size), specific features (such as a broken headlight, a certain type of rims or the stickers on it) and the direction in which it fled.

What are your responsibilities as a pedestrian?

Just like drivers, pedestrians must comply with the law and act responsibly. Pedestrians can also be reckless or distracted, contributing to accidents.

For example, if a person crosses a street while on the phone and is hit because they didn’t realize that traffic had a green light, they will likely be considered at-fault and lose the right to be compensated. In addition, they’ll have to pay for damages to the driver’s vehicle.

Common injuries sustained by pedestrian accident victims

A pedestrian accident victim often suffers multiple injuries. Given the disadvantage of a person on foot versus a vehicle, there’s an increased risk of serious, catastrophic and even fatal injuries.

Here are the most common injuries sustained by car-pedestrian accident victims:

  • Broken ribs and bones
  • Spinal cord injuries (resulting in varying degrees of paralysis)
  • Brain injuries, ranging from mild (such as a concussion) to severe (such as hemorrhage or trauma)
  • Amputations (loss of limbs)
  • Injuries to knees, shoulders, ankles, ligaments, neck, back, chest, thorax, pelvis and abdomen.
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Scrapes and bruises
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Distress
  • Development of phobias
  • Depression
  • Catastrophic injuries

What steps should you take after being hit by a car?

When a person gets hit by a car, the #1 priority is their health. Therefore, the first step is always the same:

1. Seek immediate medical attention (request an ambulance or ask someone to do so).

Once you have received medical attention, there are a number of steps that can be helpful for winning your compensation case:

2. Call George Salinas Injury Lawyers at 210-225-0909 and ask for the help of a pedestrian accident attorney.

3. Avoid contact with insurance company agents. Don’t make any statements or sign any documents.

4. Never claim to be well. Even if you feel fine, many injuries present symptoms several hours or days later (such as injuries to internal organs or brain injuries).

5. Photograph the scene of the accident and your injuries.

6. Ask for the name and telephone number of the driver and possible eyewitnesses.

7. Notify the police about the accident and request a copy of the police report.

8. Don’t post anything about your accident on social media.

Contact our San Antonio pedestrian injury lawyers at George Salinas Injury Lawyers

Were you or a loved one hit by a car? At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we have extensive experience winning cases like yours. Our work is defined by legal excellence and tailored services provided by warm, friendly and Spanish-speaking professionals.

Call us at 210-225-0909 or fill out this form to schedule your free consultation. Our San Antonio pedestrian injury lawyers will fight to get you compensation, so you can rebuild your life alongside your family.


Here are some of the most common questions that our pedestrian accident attorneys are asked. You’ll find key information that can help you prevent pedestrian accidents and know how to act if you were hit by a car.

To prevent car-pedestrian accidents at night, pedestrians can take the following preventive actions:

  • Wear reflective clothing.
  • Cross only in marked areas.
  • Walk in the opposite direction of traffic, so that you can see the cars in front of you.

Children’s behavior is often unpredictable, which is why Texas traffic laws are especially rigid in zones near schools or parks. In these areas, vehicles must drastically reduce their speed and be alert to the presence of children on the sidewalks (as they may run into the street). In other words, when children are nearby, drivers must anticipate any erratic behavior from them.

George Salinas Injury Lawyers is your best choice because we have a proven track record of winning car-pedestrian cases like yours and have won our clients millions of dollars in compensation benefits.

George Salinas is San Antonio’s most recommended attorney, and there are plenty of reasons why: he was selected for the top 100 best lawyers in the U.S. by The National Trial Lawyers (2019) and named a “Texas Super Lawyer” in 2020.

Our law firm’s staff is fully bilingual (we speak both Spanish and English) and we offer free consultations to evaluate each case. We’re available every day of the year, so contact us. Our San Antonio pedestrian injury lawyers will explain your legal options to get justice.

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